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More Than a Cyclist

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2022 | Acrylics and Mixed Media, Canvas Stretched on Wood Frame

"The power we held
The love we spread
More haste and baste
But the world said, ""go around.""
Waited for a man the whole night
Still didn't make sense in his sight
Yet I was equal strength of his light
A very shining star in the dense forest.
""My head is empty"" that's the tale I had been told I was a living doll in everyone's look
Excuse me, if I could cook your meat
I have a ticket to sew your mat.
Words can't beat me anymore
With little or nothing, every morning I must rise
To inherit the world, I had thrown away from so long With the power, you always kept at bay.
Stretching my arms to the sky
Flying higher to every star I can touch The force of gravity is friendly now Can't push me down anymore.
Am I not looking beautiful on my wheel Am I not enjoying my ride
Or am I not a proud lady
Who told the tale that I can't win the race I'm more than a cyclist."

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