About Us

KomezArt is a virtual art space gathering Rwanda’s top artists under one platform, dedicated to selling original artworks and opening doors for artwork to reach art lovers around the world. We aim to fortify Rwanda’s growing artistic ecosystem and push the presence of Rwandan art forward globally.  

Based in Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali, the name KomezArt comes from the Kinyarwanda word ‘Komeza’, which means ‘to continue’ or ‘to strengthen’ something. The concept for KomezArt was born amidst the 2020 COVID19 lockdown which found traditional art galleries with doors shuttered and the sale of artworks halted for much of Rwanda’s artist community. The need to strengthen and push artists and artwork forward through new ways that make artwork accessible and affordable, became clear very quickly. 

KomezArt is an initiative under the umbrella of Kurema Kureba Kwiga, Rwanda’s preeminent public arts organization and commercial art service provider. The platform strives to create sustainable opportunities for artists to sell their work in Rwanda and beyond; we are creating a borderless gallery prototype in Rwanda, with expansion plans in the near future. 

Our vision is to overcome the barriers that artists face when looking for potential art buyers, while increasing demand for and consumption of African artwork within the continent and around the world. Our platform shines light on the exciting, excellent artwork being made today while bringing more color and creativity into homes, offices, and restaurants. As the KomezArt journey begins, we hope you’ll join us as we continue to push art forward.