Rwandan Art at the Commonwealth Business Forum

Rwandan Art at the Commonwealth Business Forum

As we near our second anniversary, we are celebrating how far we have come on our journey to push Rwandan art forward. Over the past two years, we have worked with Rwanda’s top visual artists to fortify our art ecosystem and increase value for all the players in our industry. Our digital platform, which is Rwanda’s first online gallery, is changing how art lovers around the world discover and buy Rwandan art.

Transforming the discovery and purchase of Rwandan artworks centers upon presenting and sharing Rwandan art to new and diverse audiences. With this in mind, we jumped at the opportunity to showcase work from our artist partners during the Commonwealth Business Forum (CBF) as part of CHOGM 2022. This gathering convened more than 2000 people from across the world for a moment of exploration and inquiry - a fantastic chance to share Rwandan talent with a hugely diverse audience! 

The exhibit, titled “Our Shared Conscience,” featured work from 13 artists based in Rwanda and shone light onto different social and cultural concepts relevant to the global society. 

Featured artists included:
 Babsie Wessels
Benjamin Niyomugabo
Bonfils Ngabonziza
David Peace Mugire
Emmanuel Tutu
Family Love Nduwimana
Hirwa Bless Ainé
Jean Baptiste Mpungirehe
JMV Munezero
Louise Kanyange
Remy Iradukunda
Serge Niyonsaba
Willy Karekezi

Twenty-one large-format paintings were exhibited throughout the three-day event, offering CBF participants a dose of Rwandan creativity in the context of an art café, that also featured a new 70m wide mural created by our partner organization, Kurema Kureba Kwiga. The overall ambiance of the colorful space provided a spirited and memorable atmosphere. Our team loved the opportunity to engage with art lovers from 54 different countries and appreciated the varied acknowledgments of our work that increases the presence of Rwandan art on the global scene.

To expand the experience beyond the delegates of the three-day CBF event, on Saturday, June 25, we opened the exhibit to the public for a one-night show to include artists and friends. We want to thank all the artists who participated, the delegates who expressed interest and became clientele, our partners and staff, and everyone else who contributed to making this a successful experience at one of the biggest events of the year in Rwanda.  We appreciate your support and look forward to future opportunities to push Rwandan art forward with you. 

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