Emerging Artist Resources

In 2023, we organized an artist mentorship training event in Rwanda, featuring numerous experts who led skill and career-building workshops for emerging artists. While nine fortunate artists had the opportunity to attend the event in person, we understand that not everyone could be present. To bridge this gap, we've compiled a wealth of resources and information to share with you!

Our aim is for these resources to serve as valuable tools in your personal journey, aiding in the development of your marketing and presentation skills. We hope they empower you to promote your artwork more effectively and to strategically advance your career.

Additionally, we encourage you to explore some of our blog posts that dive into key insights shared by multiple different experts during the event.


Strategic Pathways for Artistic Advancement

Connecting with Your Audience: Exploring New Opportunities

The Art of Self-Presentation



Designing Your Art Portfolio

Digital Presence, Platforms, & Opportunities

Artist Statement

Example Pitch 1

Example Pitch 2