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The Ultimate Art Gift Guide for the Holiday Season.

The holiday season is almost here!

We know one of the best parts about this time of the year is sharing and receiving gifts. We also know picking out the perfect gift for a loved one or a colleague can be challenging.
Don't worry; we have got you covered with the ultimate art gift guide this holiday season full of gift ideas for the different people in your life.

Whimsical artworks for children. 

Nirere’s Adventure collection -  Yi Lynn



Rhino - Amie Shao,   Emotion Eyes - Eustache Usabimana,   Passion Huntress -  Christella Bijoux


Exciting art for Teens.

African Woman Headwraps collection - Seleman Kubwimana
 Intore -  Mika Hirwa,  Speed - Ku Black ,  Afropink -  Ahishakiye Elie 


Thoughtful art for colleagues & professional acquaintances.

The Time of everyone in the future collection -  Mpungirehe Jean Baptiste

Les Demoiselles - Gabin Mazina,  The Big horns - Babsie Wessels,  



Timeless gifts for your partner. 

 Old Soul 004 - Arts Kalima, Love Preservation - Kanyange Louise, Violets and Blue - Ndushabandi (Khenan Cox) Derrick 

Memorable art pieces for Friends.

Wanderer collection - Odile Uwera 

Femme Fulani,Guinée - Christella Bijou, Same Boat - Imanishimwe Jean d'Amour , A fashion pose 2 - Iirumva Isaac 


Sentimental Ideas for parents.

UMWAMI N'UMWAMIKAZI collection - Remy Iradukunda
 Mother - Busara Benetier, Renew Tuyisenge Chislon

Unique gifts for nature enthusiasts.

Growth collection - Tusiyenge Chislon

Sunrise on the Lake -  Will Wilson,  The Beauty of Diversity

- Niyosaba Serge


Artwork for music lovers.

 J.Cole - Mazina Gabin,  Sonny Rollins - Studa art , Old Soul 11 - Art Kalima


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Pro Tip
 -Shop early for gifts to avoid the last-minute rush. Delivery times vary from 5-10 days for originals and print reproductions.
Author: JerryLynn Kariuki

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