Mpungirehe Jean Baptiste

Mpungirehe Jean Baptiste is 29 years old, married and a father of two beautiful kids. From an early age, he knew he wanted to be an artist but the dream became a reality in 2007 after his role model and friend, Collin - the founder of Ivuka Arts Centre - encouraged him to join the organization. From the opening of Ivuka Arts, JB has been painting to share people's stories and emotions. Through his artworks, he wants to show how everyone is unique and has their own life path in life. He is a traveler that is inspired by the world he observes; he shares his feelings to create beauty through his work. He also believes that through painting we can all travel in space and time, and heal our minds. His artworks are influenced in part by his childhood, as well as through the influences of his fellow artists, friends, and everyday life on the streets of Kigali. Mpungirehe loves the thrill of painting and hopes that his work inspires others to discover their own artistry.