Ezra Iranzi

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My name is Ezra iranzi I was born in 2003 I grew up in Kigali till now. My art didn't start as many say that there's started at a very young age. I always had an a voice that told me to make art and become an artist but I would always ignore it due to the society that I knew they wouldn't help me and when I was 15years old I finished my o'level studies and I was told to go and study electronics but I stood strongly and I said "NO" I want to study Art. And surprisingly they supported me and I went to study it In Ecole d'art de Nyundo ...

From there I always liked landscapes but it was Hard for me to tell stories behind them Soo I combined it with African contemporary art, which I can consider hitting two birds with one stone.... I was happy with my landscapes and I was also able to tell world stories through African images ... But I also practice in abstract art, landscapes, seascapes, contemporary art (mostly). Thanks for your time

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