Luladey Takele Teshome

Luladey began her artistic journey from childhood when she started recreating existing works. The joy she experienced led her to exercise her creativity through different mediums such as painting, designing, photography and ink sketches. As she grew, she saw the importance of depicting and representing African culture and people.

Describing art as the mother of all existence, Luladey's art is inspired by her African roots, relationships, and pursuit of truth. As an artist, Luladey has a deep connection with her work. She infuses her emotions into her pieces, making them a mirror image of her feelings and worldview. By deliberately choosing what she wants to share with others through her art, Luladey tries to make her artwork as uplifting as possible.

Luladey was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She is currently serving as a director of college and career counseling at Maranyundo Girls’ school in Nyamata, Rwanda.