Ngabonziza Bonfils

Bonfils Ngabonziza is a self-taught visual artist. He began making art in 2010 working with different art centers in and around Kigali, primarily at Ivuka Art Center. He now specializes in painting and public arts. He has been a key artist in many of Kurema Kureba Kwiga’s various public art projects. His aim as an artist is to spark positive social impact and the renewal of strength and courage to transform society for the better. The content of his works range from history to nature conservation to rural African lifestyles. He uses different patterns, collage, and painting styles to capture and convey his messages. Bonfils believes there is always a positive side to every event so he tries to find that and share these messages of love, kindness, positivity, compassion, and joy. His work can be seen at Niyo Art Center, Ivuka Arts, Association Arkane-Casablanca Morocco, and at the Rural African Art gallery at Kayonza, Eastern Province - Rwanda where he is currently in residence.