Kanyange Louise

Kanyange Louise is a Rwandan artist passionate about painting, drawing, illustration, design, and handcraft. Life, dreams, memories, and people's stories inspire her creations. From the time she studied arts at École d'art de Nyundo (Nyundo School of Art and Music), she has been on the road to achieving her dreams of contributing as an artist to making a better tomorrow in society. She loves communicating with large audiences through live painting demonstrations as well as through exhibiting in Rwanda and internationally; her work has been displayed, notably, in the Baho Neza campaign in Rwanda, Kabgayi Eye Unity project in Rwanda, the Luanda Biennial Pan African forum for Culture and Peace in Angola, the Shine Through Women fine art exhibition, and Unveil My Soul-a female inspired exhibition. In 2017, she emerged as the 'best graphic artist' countrywide and received an award from the Imbuto Foundation. She has worked with different galleries and studios including Inshuti Arts and Culture Center located at Musanze district, Tuko Girls Arts at Kuuru Art Space in Kigali, and Envision Rwanda in Kigali city.